Mitzvah Kinder Mazel Tov Mentchees (Chasiddish)
Mitzvah Kinder Mazel Tov Mentchees (Chasiddish)

Mitzvah Kinder Mazel Tov Mentchees (Chasiddish)

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What a better way to celebrate a Mazal Tov than to share it with the Mitzvah Kinder® community? 

The Mazel Tov Mentchies set represent the very special occasions within the Mitzvah Kinder® family calling for a Mazal Tov

Kids will enjoy hours of endless Jewish imagination and fun, pretending and playing with siblings and friends.

The Mazel Tov Mentchies Set is a gift every child will cherish.

Set Includes

  • Chosson
  • Kallah
  • Bar Mitzvah Boy
  • Chalaka Boy
  • Baby Girl
  • Baby Boy

All dressed in traditional Jewish fashion. 

More Info

  • Perfect for baby gifts, upshern present or for that special occasion.
  • Each doll measures approx. 3" tall. perfectly sized for little hands to hold and play with.
  • Made of soft vinyl plastic. These durable figures will last through years of play and are so child friendly!
  • Great set on its own or as an add on to your favorite play-set or building blocks.
  • The Mitzvah Kinder® love playing with others, and show good character traits at all times!

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