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Mitzvah Riders - Vehicles
Mitzvah Riders - Vehicles
Mitzvah Riders - Vehicles
Mitzvah Riders - Vehicles

Mitzvah Riders - Vehicles

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Explore a vibrant world of play with Mitzvah Kinder Mitzvah Riders – an exciting set of five vehicles that will ignite your child's imagination.

This captivating collection includes a family car, a school bus, an ice cream truck for sweet treats, a garbage truck promoting cleanliness, and a street sweeper truck for engaging clean-up missions.

Crafted with care, each vehicle features detailed elements and lively colors, bringing Mitzvah Kinder's world to life. These imaginative toys go beyond mere play, serving as a gateway to educational adventures that inspire creativity and storytelling in your little ones.

Transform your child's playtime into an educational and entertaining experience with Mitzvah Kinder Mitzvah Riders – where imagination knows no bounds!

Set includes

  • Car
  • School Bus
  • Ice Cream Truck
  • Garbage Truck
  • Street Sweepr Truck


  • Durable and child-safe materials ensure longevity and safety during play.
  • Perfectly sized for little hands to grasp and maneuver, enhancing the overall play experience.
  • Spark creativity and storytelling skills as children explore the diverse scenarios these vehicles offer.
  • Ideal for solo play or group activities, encouraging social interaction and collaborative play.
  • Great set on its own or as an add on to your favorite play-set or building blocks.
  • The Mitzvah Kinder® love playing with others, and show good character traits at all times!

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