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Mitzvah Kinder Puppet Mentchees in a Backpack - Yossi
Mitzvah Kinder Puppet Mentchees in a Backpack - Yossi

Mitzvah Kinder Puppet Mentchees in a Backpack - Yossi

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Mitzvah Kinder Puppet Mentchees in a Backpack features a soft and cuddly puppet in a backpack.  

Choose your favorite Mitzvah Kinder character: Mr. Kaplovsky, Totty, Mommy, Malky, Yossi, or Baby Chaim.

Whether it's a captivating storytime session or a heartwarming family performance, Mitzvah Kinder Puppet Mentchees is here to bring joy, education, and quality play into your child's life. Embrace the magic of Mitzvah Kinder, and let the playfulness brighten your child's world.

Unleash the joy of pretend and play with the Mitzvah Kinder® Puppet Mentchees™. Dive into a world of Jewish tradition, values, and mitzvahs as you embark on endless stories and adventures with the lovable Mitzvah Kinder® characters. Remember, it's fun to play the Torah way!

Educational Fun: These Mitzvah Kinder Puppet Mentchees are more than just toys; they are gateways to learning and creativity. Foster storytelling, motor skills, and imaginative play as your child explores the rich world of Jewish traditions and mitzvahs. Each puppet can become a vessel for countless tales and teachings.

Premium Quality: Crafted with meticulous care, our puppets are made from soft, plush, and durable materials that promise endless hours of playtime fun. These puppets are designed to withstand the enthusiasm of little hands and provide a comforting, huggable experience for your child.

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