Mitzvah Kinder Sticker Puzzle Set - Playland

Mitzvah Kinder Sticker Puzzle Set - Playland

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This sticker puzzle features beautiful original artwork that replicates the Mitzvah Kinder mentchees as they climb, slide, jump and laugh with family and friends on this fun packed adventure

Watch those little faces light up, when they see this beautiful scene come to life sticker by sticker.

This Playland themed puzzle contains 30 jumbo stickers designed for little fingers. Each sticker is about 4 CM in diameter.

Kids will enjoy hours of endless Jewish imagination and fun, pretending and playing with siblings and friends.

The Mitzvah Kinder Playland sticker puzzle is a gift every child will cherish.

For ages 4+


  • 8.5x11 Puzzle paste board 
  • 30 Jumbo puzzle stickers

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