Mitzvah Kinder Shabbos Audio CD & Coloring Book
Shabbos with Mitzvah Kinder coloring book inside page
Shabbos with Mitzvah Kinder Audio CD Album and case

Mitzvah Kinder Shabbos Audio CD & Coloring Book

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This remarkable audio CD & coloring book, Shabbos with the Mitzvah Kinder®, has won the hearts of thousands of yiddishe kinderlach with its great performances and spectacular music and is now available once again.

Immerse your child inside the exciting world of their favorite Mitzvah Kinder® characters and get to know them on a personal level. Join a Shabbos in the Mitzvah Kinder® house, while learning from their good Midos and Mitzvos.

Learn how the Mitzvah Kinder® prepare for Shabbos, shopping, baking and cleaning.

Mr. Kapalovsky the Shabbos guest will captivate the children with his childhood story growing up in Russia.

This album is a useful learning tool and appropriate for children of all ages kindergarten and up.

The Mitzvah Kinder® love playing with others, and show good character traits at all times!

Play with Mitzvah Kinder® mentchees while singing their songs. Become a part of our family.


  • Shabbos Audio CD
  • CD coloring book

Product Details

Language: אִידִיש

Age range: 2-8 years

Coloring Book: 36 pages

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