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Shabbos with the Mitzvah Kinder Story Book - Yiddish

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This vibrant large format hard-cover yiddish storybook with its unique 3-D illustrations and heavy laminated pages, featuring the beloved Mitzvah Kinder® Characters is sure to become your little one's favorite book!

Get to know the Mitzvah Kinder® up close and personal as they go grocery shopping, and help out with Shabbos preparations. Follow Mr. Kapalovsky the Shabbos guest as he takes the Mitzvah Kinder® on a journey back to his childhood in Russia, where practicing Judaism and Shabbos was forbidden.

The Mitzvah Kinder® love playing with others, and show good character traits at all times!

Product Details

Language: Yiddish אִידִיש

Age range: 2-7 years

Hardcover: 40 Laminated pages

Dimensions: 8.5x11

ISBN: 978-1-7345750-0-2

Easy Yiddish Reading: With נְקוּדוֹת

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